South Florida Intergroup

south florida intergroup

Dear Friends and Fellow Travelers,

Please join us at the Duncan Center (Stahl Building) on Sunday, November 13, 2016 at 10am for a working session to discuss how to move forward with our South Florida Intergroup. Items to be discussed include: formation of a non profit corporation; election of a representative board of directors for the Intergroup; and whether and how to coordinate with the exisiting Florida State Intergroup.

Please feel free to forward this invitation to any others who are interested in revitalizing the South Florida Intergroup. We look forward to a positive and productive discussion.

We look forward to seeing you November once again at the Duncan Center.

Nancy U & Bill D.

WHAT: ACA South Florida Intergroup Workshop

WHERE: Duncan Center, Stahl Building15820 Military Trail, Delray Beach, FL 33484

WHEN: November 13th 2016, 10 AM – 12 PM

Duties of Officers

Below are the duties of officers as described by WSO. Intergroup may amend them to suit our organization. Once we have a full Board we can meet and discuss our own  Operating Policies and Procedures Manual to be approved by the general membership. 

A. Chairperson
The Chairperson shall be the chief executive officer of the corporation and shall, subject to the
control of the Board, supervise and control the affairs of the corporation and the activities of the
She or he shall perform all duties incident to his or her office and such other duties as may be
required by law, by the Articles of Incorporation of this corporation or by the bylaws, or which
may be prescribed by the Board.
Unless another person is specifically appointed as Chairperson of the Board, she or he shall
preside at all meetings of the Board. If applicable, the Chairperson shall preside at all meetings
of the members.
Except as otherwise expressly provided by law, Articles of Incorporation, or bylaws, she or he
shall, in the name of the corporation, execute such deeds, mortgages, bonds, contracts, checks, or
other instruments, which may from time to time be authorized by the Board.
B. Vice Chairperson
In the absence of the Chairperson or in the event of his or her inability or refusal to act, the Vice
Chairperson shall perform all the duties of the Chairperson and, when so acting, shall have all the
powers of and be subject to, all the restrictions on, the Chairperson. The Vice Chairperson shall
have other powers and perform such other duties as may be prescribed by law, Articles, bylaws
or the Board.
C. Secretary
The Secretary shall certify and keep at the principal office and/or on the website, the original, or
a copy of the bylaws, as amended or otherwise altered to date, a book of minutes of all meetings
of the Trustees and, if applicable, meetings of committees of Trustees and of members, recording
therein the time and place of holding, whether regular or special, how called, how notice was
given, the names of those present or represented, and the proceedings thereof. The minutes must
include our logo and the related copyright phrase.
The Secretary shall see that all notices are duly given in accordance with bylaws or as required
by law; be the custodian of the records and of the Seal of the Corporation and see that the Seal is
affixed to all duly executed documents, the execution of which, on behalf of the corporation
under its Seal, is authorized by law or by the bylaws.
The Secretary shall keep at the principal office or on the website, a membership book containing
the name and address of each and any members, and in the case where any membership has been
terminated, shall record such fact in the membership book together with the date on which such
membership ceased.
The Secretary shall exhibit at all reasonable times to any Trustee of the Corporation, or to his or
her agent or attorney, on request therefore, the Bylaws, the Membership Book, and the minutes
of the proceedings of the Trustees of the Corporation, and perform all duties incident to the
Office of Secretary and such other duties as may be required.
The Secretary shall complete a Book of Minutes that comprises all prior action and policies of
the Board annually. All minutes are to be completed prior to the ABC.
The Secretary shall provide a confidential and complete listing of Board Members to be attached
to meetings minutes or available on the website, along with such information as any guest in
attendance may choose to include.
Amendments to the minutes will not be discussed at the Board meetings unless for purposes of
clarifications. Amendments to the monthly minutes shall be given, in writing, to the Secretary
no later than two weeks following the time at which the minutes are submitted (whether by mail
or at the monthly Board meeting).
D. Treasurer
The Treasurer shall have charge of, custody of, and be responsible for, all funds and securities of
the corporation, depositing all such funds in the name of the corporation in such banks, trust
companies, or other depositories as shall be selected by the Board.
The Treasurer shall receive and give receipts for monies due and payable to the corporation from
any source whatsoever. She or he shall disburse, or cause to be disbursed, the funds of the
corporation as may be directed by the Board, taking proper vouchers for such disbursements. She
or he shall keep, and maintain, adequate and correct accounts of the corporation’s properties and
business transactions, including accounts of its assets, liabilities, receipts, disbursements, gains
and losses.
The Treasurer shall exhibit at all reasonable times the books of account and financial records to
any Trustee of the corporation, or to his or her agent or attorney, on request. Render to the
Chairperson and Trustees, whenever requested, an account of any or all transactions as Treasurer
and of the financial condition of the corporation. She or he shall prepare, or cause to be prepared,
and certify or cause to be certified, the financial statements to be otherwise provided in the
bylaws, prescribes the duties of the Treasurer, and such other duties as may be required by law,
Articles, bylaws or the Board.
The Treasurer shall provide a listing of the contributions, by group, received by ACA WSO, for
publication quarterly in the ComLine and annually for inclusion in the ABC report.

Annual Business Conference

2016 ACA Annual Business Conference (ABC)

Annual Business Conference

World ACA Conference comes to Florida!

The following proposals were received from the fellowship through September 30, 2015. If any
proposal receives a two-thirds positive vote from the fellowship, it will be included as part of the
ABC agenda, with the result of that discussion provided as part of the ABC minutes.
2016 ABC Proposal #1
Submitted by Collierville, Tennessee (web053), Sunday and 1pm CDT USA
Issue: We propose that… internet audio meetings have their own category on the meeting listings on the
aca website, that the map link show at least the timezone and country of the origin of the meeting and that
there be a lot more space to enter descriptions and instructions for the meeting.
History: audio combined with online meetings offer a greater amount of accountability and democracy
and therefore are distinct from chat and email meetings. online audio meetings can be complicated to find
and sign up for.
Argument in favor: since someone going to an online meeting is usually still comfortably at home the
process of locating and figuring out how to log on to the meeting provides a substitute “investment” in the
meeting and therefore can be encouraged with more information on the meeting list.
WSO Analysis: This matter was handled administratively by the Web Site and Database Committee. No
further action is needed.
2016 ABC Proposal #2
Submitted by Ft. Myers, Florida (FL157 & FL180), Sunday & Tuesday
Issue: We propose that… The price of the “Cross Talk Booklet” be dropped from $3.50 each to $1.00
History: The ACA Let’s Get Healthy meeting has the tradition of giving each newcomer a Welcome
Chip, A Newcomer Booklet, and a Cross Talk Booklet. The Welcome Chip is $0.50. The Newcomer
Booklet is $1.50. The Cross Talk Booklet is $3.50. A member of our group has been photocopying the
Cross Talk Booklet to save money. A new person volunteered to do the copying and reported the Welcome
Booklet is 4 pieces of paper printed on both sides and the Cross Talk Booklet is 3 pages printed on both
Argument in favor: The Cross Talk Booklet is priced way too high [$3.50] for 3 sheets of paper when
the Newcomer Booklet cost [$1.50] for 4 sheets of paper. The current cost of purchasing the 3 items from
WSO is $5.50. The proposed decrease would make purchasing 3 items from WSO $3.00.
WSO Analysis: The new Intergroup 30% discount program decreases the cost of this booklet to $2.45
when purchased in bulk by Intergroups. Literature prices are calculated based on various factors: the
printing cost of the item, the quantity ordered, overhead costs, and projected funding needs for worldwide
service by the WSO. The quantity ordered and therefore cost of the item is based on the history of
sales of the item and available space in the warehouse. The funds realized are utilized by the WSO to
spread the ACA message globally though the Board Book Initiative, International Book Seeding, Lights
On Project and overseeing numerous translation projects, layout of literature, WSO committee expenses,
as well as providing the resources to hire special workers e.g. the Information technology, literature
design editor, accounting, transcription service, etc.
2016 ABC Proposal #3
Submitted by Nagoya Japan (JAP022), Sunday 17:30
Issue: We propose that… all books have an E-book ver.
History: we have 3 books on ACA which are BRB, yellow book and Strengthening My Recovery. we
only get them as papers so it is not easy to ship, carry and so on.
Argument in favor: Because of convenience.
WSO Analysis: This is already on the Literature Committee’s To Do list and is prioritized according to
the financial and volunteer resources available.
2016 ABC Proposal #4
Submitted by Grover Beach, California (IG#076), 1st Saturday of month @ 3:45 p.m.
Issue: We propose that… all future ABC agendas include a minutes document: passed motions of
previous ABC; reports of progress on each passed motion including all financial costs.
History: The ABC minutes and secretary entries for the 2013–2015 ABCs on the website reveal very
little about what was done, how much that cost, or even accomplishments. The full reports of committees
do address what the committees and officers did, but no mention was made of previous ABC passed
motions, and none report costs (if any) of efforts to enact the motions.
Argument in favor: ACA WSO bylaws stipulate in Article 10, #3: “The Board, at each ABC, shall
submit a complete report of its acts and of the affairs of the organization.” Minutes and Secretary’s input
do not reflect complete information of passed ABC motion projects, obstacles, successes, or financial
costs. Reports of committees are not summarized in minutes or secretary’s impressions, are not found on
the agenda/minutes of the ABC webpages, and are not easily found using the search tool.
WSO Analysis: At least in the recent past, the ABC agendas have not included formal progress reports
on previously passed ABC motions. However, all of this information is covered in individual committee
reports if the motions are being worked on. We wish to point out that when ballot items are approved at
the ABC, the tasks associated with them are added to the already extensive list of items the Board and
the Committees of the Board are working on. Whether any project is moved forward and how quickly
projects are accomplished is directly related to the project’s viability, the amount of financial resources
that can be allocated to it and the amount of volunteer help available.
2016 ABC Proposal #5
Submitted by Grover Beach, California (IG#076), 1st Saturday of month @ 3:45 p.m.
Issue: We propose that… the monthly teleconference agendas include list of passed motions of the
preceding ABC and a monthly report of designated committee as to the progress made and the cumulative
financial impact.
History: The ACA Board has 3 basic functions: 1). Carrying the message; 2). Maintaining the
corporation; 3). Carrying out the will of the fellowship as expressed in passed ABC motions. Much work
is being done on these fronts, but monthly reports are not clearly reflecting progressive milestones toward
goal completion, or the goal has yet to be addressed at all.
Argument in favor: Putting the passed ABC motions on the teleconference agendas will encourage they
will automatically be addressed at each meeting. In the 12 months between ABCs, 12 steps can be taken
toward completing each of the ABC goals expressed in passed ABC motions.
WSO Analysis: The ABC Minutes list all motions approved and the need to duplicate this effort every
month is not clear or paramount. The Board is considering adding references to ABC related activities by
the committees so that progress can be noted.
2016 ABC Proposal #6
Submitted by Grover Beach, California (IG#076), 1st Saturday of month @ 3:45 p.m.
Issue: We propose that… the WSO re-implement the previously passed ABC motion – to offer all ACA
literature for no more than 150% of production costs (book printed for $5.00 shall cost up to $7.50).
History: At the early 1990s ABC where the 12 Concepts were adopted, delegates also voted that WSO is
limited to charge up to 150% for all literature offered. The intent was to offer as much recovery literature
as possible as widely as cheaply as possible to those who still suffer. In the current OPPM is a reference to
that decision: “These Delegate Packets shall be available at cost (times 1.5, plus postage) to any interested
party. Rev. Motion 03089701.” The Steps workbooks reprints that cost $2.83 to print are now offered for
$10; the reprint of the Laundry Lists Workbook was $3.784 offered for $12.
Argument in favor: ACA WSO is a non-profit organization dedicated to one mission: to carry the
message of recovery to those who still suffer. One way we carry the message is by offering literature as
cheaply as possible. The WSO Boards need to know and implement the policies adopted throughout our
history. This previously passed ABC motion needs to be implemented immediately.
WSO Analysis: The pricing structure suggested in this proposal made sense when all or most distribution
of WSO literature was handled by volunteers. As the WSO now has significantly more overhead costs
than at that time, along with more programs to administer and translations to fund, the current pricing
structure is more in line with what will cover those costs now and in the future. We can only hope that at
some time in the distant future when we have greatly surpassed the current 1,500 meetings and are able to
approach the resources of other larger fellowships, prices will be able to be decreased because of greater
sales volumes.
2016 ABC Proposal #7
Submitted by Grover Beach, California (IG#076), 1st Saturday of month @ 3:45 p.m.
Issue: We propose that… We update the Operating Policy and Procedures Manual monthly with all ABC
passed motions since the first ABC and monthly Board adoptions, include citations on each rule or policy
(ABC 2010) or (BT 2/15). Board motions need to comply with ABC rules and policies. All ABC adopted
rules and policies must be rescinded by ABC ballot.
History: The OPPM originally documented dates of passed motions of the ABCs and the Board. Over
time the entries and citations were not entered or dropped. Current updaters are finding conflicting rules
and have no OPPM policy guidance. WSO has instituted an annual book of Board passed motions, but
those rules and policies do not seem to have been added to the OPPM
Argument in favor: Passed ABC motions reflect the will of the worldwide fellowship and take
precedence over WSO Board decisions as per Tradition 2. Updaters may be nullifying ABC fellowship
decisions by not listing them at all or choosing Board motions as the “correct” rule or policy where there
are differences. The OPPM needs to be updated monthly for any Board to know and be responsible to the
direction of the fellowship that the WSO Board serves.
WSO Analysis: While monthly updates of the OPPM seem appropriate, the WSO does not currently
have the infrastructure to be able to accomplish this task. When that situation improves substantially, the
proposed task may be accomplished. Regarding the second point made, while there is no case in recent
history where an ABC motion has been denied by the then sitting Board, the ABC does not actually
establish rules and policies of the WSO Board. The Board has the legal and practical need to be able to set
policies, while very seriously taking ABC input into account.
2016 ABC Proposal #8
Submitted by Grover Beach, California (IG#076), 1st Saturday of month @ 3:45 p.m.
Issue: We propose that… all WSO paid travel expenses be limited solely to the 4 elected WSO officers
who attend the Annual Business Conference; travel expenses must only include regular class airfare (gas
for vehicle), ground transportation to hotel, hotel room, and meals not including alcohol.
History: Historically trustees paid for their own transportation, hotels, and meals. The only in-person
meeting was scheduled at the ABC. Teleconferences, phone calls, e-mails, and written reports were used
to communicate. When WSO funds increased, some Board decided to vote in a policy of all-expensespaid
national and international travel for themselves (airfare, hotels, meals). This policy has expanded
to include all trustees, paid employees, and others deemed worthy. Four Strategic Planning face-to-face
meetings a year have been added. Duties have been assigned to trustees “requiring” further international/
national travel. The January–July 2015 Balance Sheet includes travel costs totaling $17,513.70 for the
first half of 2015.
Argument in favor: ACA is a non-profit, 12-Step fellowship. In 12-Step fellowships, groups send and
fund their representatives to intergroup, regional, and World Service events. Other 12-Step volunteers,
who are not representatives, practice 12-Step principles of being self-supporting in recovery and service.
Communication can include: teleconferences, video conferences, written reports, and real-time document
WSO Analysis: With all due respect, some information in this proposal is incorrect and misleading.
The Board meets in person at the ABC. It does not meet four times per year for Strategic Planning.
The first Strategic Planning Session in recent memory was held in January of 2014; a second was held
in November 2014. In 2015, there will have been only one Strategic Planning Session. We believe the
Fellowship expects long-term planning to take place.
Regarding payment of Board member travel expenses, the full Board has certain legal and practical
responsibilities not confined just to the officers. WSO has historically paid expenses as it was able. To
require non-Officers to pay their own way, especially to the ABC, would suggest only individuals on the
Board who are financially capable, or who have groups and/or an Intergroup able to pay their way, would
be able do service at the world level. This seems out of line with our Traditions. Full participation of the
Board becomes even more important as the global fellowship expands and we continue to have non-U.S.
Board members.
2016 ABC Proposal #9
Submitted by Grover Beach, California (IG#076), 1st Saturday of month @ 3:45 p.m.
Issue: We propose that… the Board develop, by the 2016 ABC, a flow-chart of functional hierarchy and
communication between WSO officers, committee chairs, sub-committee chairs, and special workers as
well as job descriptions for all positions.
History: WSO has evolved, obscuring the channels of communication and position functions: names,
duties, and responsibilities of committees have been changed, reassigned, or deleted; some subcommittees
report to committee chairs while others report to the Board; job descriptions are outdated; and
workloads are unbalanced.
Argument in favor: Rapid growth of fellowship services has blurred the functions and responsibilities
of committees and the communication flow between the officers, committees, and sub-committees. While
some officers and committees do very little, others are working very hard. When the duties of all WSO
paid and trustee positions are listed and defined as they exist and the flow chart hierarchy is produced, the
Executive Board can easily rebalance the workload and restructure lines of communication where needed.
The current WSO Chairperson is overloaded, for example: he facilitates monthly Executive Board,
Strategic Planning, Teleconference, and e-mail/call response meetings; oversees special workers, and
Chairs the Literature, Literature sub-committees, and Website Committees.
WSO Analysis: A flowchart was already created in mid-July by one of the Trustees to be finalized
for distribution. Regarding distribution of workload and facilitation of communication, until there are
enough Board members, volunteers, and Special Workers, there will continue to be issues. Also, outside
of conducting the general business of the Board, the amount of work any one Board member does is and
should be voluntary.
2016 ABC Proposal #10
Submitted by Grover Beach, California (IG#076), 1st Saturday of month @ 3:45 p.m.
Issue: We propose that… WSO adopt [a] policy that no WSO Officer (Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer,
Secretary) can concurrently Chair any Committee (except Treasurer to Finance Committee), Sub-
Committee, or serve as Paid Employee/Consultant while serving as an elected officer of the WSO Board.
History: Historically, each committee had one or two trustees as members of each committee to provide
guidance. Historically, national and international communication had to be paid for by the participants on
teleconferences, the cost of which prohibited widespread participation in WSO service. With the internet
and free teleconferencing, the participation in WSO business has expanded so there are many people
today who are willing and able to give service. WSO officers and trustees need to provide leadership and
guidance to encourage and guide new volunteers and the groups they represent to become the committee
chairs and other members.
Argument in favor: The current WSO Chairperson has far too much to do.
A rule excluding officers as chairs encourages officers to provide encouragement to others, leadership and
guidance. Wider participation in the work of WSO dramatically helps ACA to grow.
WSO Analysis: Until there are more Board members, those in place will have to continue to perform
multiple roles to ensure vital functions are being carried forward. While it would be ideal for Board
members to not be as involved in the daily workings of committees and other areas, it is not the current
It seems to be out of order and unnecessarily intrusive of the Board’s authority to establish its own
internal working policies to limit how Board work is carried out. Recommendations for the internal
workings of the Board should defer to the Board’s best business judgment the best use of the extremely
limited resources and manpower at their disposal.
2016 ABC Proposal #11
Submitted by Grover Beach, California (IG#076), 1st Saturday of month @ 3:45 p.m.
Issue: We propose that… the WSO adopts the policy that elected officers may not serve at the same time
on the ACA WSO Board of Trustees with others who are related to, or cohabitating with, each other.
History: When WSO was CSB/WSO or iWSO, an unmarried couple who lived together served as officers
of the WSO Board at the same time, one of whom was the Treasurer; while both were exemplary, honest
people, an appearance of possible impropriety existed. More recently a married couple, both honest,
dedicated, and exemplary, served as officers at the same time: Chair and Treasurer. The appearance and
reality of propriety is vital to our organization.
Argument in favor: In the spirit of Tradition 6, WSO should never allow a situation where the Treasury
could be compromised lest problems of money, property and prestige divert us from our primary purpose.
It is standard operating procedure in most organizations, for this reason, for a rule to be in place so there
can be no possibility or even appearance of possible wrong-doing.
WSO Analysis: Since this has never been an issue, it seems to be out of order and unnecessarily
intrusive of the Board’s authority to establish its own internal working policies. The OPPM is very clear
that the Chair may not also hold the position of Treasurer. We have seen couples who worked on the
Board exemplarily, and who were completely trustworthy and dedicated to the fellowship. We think that
individuals who are related or are cohabiting should not serve in the positions of Chair and Treasurer, but
can serve on the Board concurrently.
2016 ABC Proposal #12
Submitted by Portsmouth, Virginia (VA112) USA Saturday, 1000
Issue: We propose that… Amend Laundry List Trait #12 to read as: “We are dependent personalities who
are terrified of abandonment and will do anything to AVOID OR hold on to a relationship in order not
to experience painful abandonment feelings, which we received from living with sick people who were
never there emotionally for us. (Note: Amended text in CAPS)
History: Our experience has shown that the amendment to include people who avoid relationships IOT
[in order to] not experience painful feelings.
Argument in favor: Reflects the views of a preponderance of ACA members
WSO Analysis: This is already reflected in The Other Laundry List in The Laundry Lists Workbook, and
the Fellowship Text (BRB) will be updated to include all four Laundry Lists.
2016 ABC Proposal #13
Submitted by Telephone Group (210), Telephone, Sunday 4PM ET
Issue: We propose that… WSO creates a Directory page on the website listing the names and contact
information of the WSO Trustees and Board Members. The list would also include the names of all the
existing committee, who are the chairs for the committees and who are on the committees and contact
information. The list should also include the description of the special worker jobs,who holds the jobs
and their contact information. The list should also include all of the other ways to contact WSO, that is,
general phone numbers and general e mail addresses.
History: No directory exists and there is difficulty finding correct persons to contact on particular issues.
Argument in favor: Having a list would make it easier for persons to find who is doing what and how
to contact them. Right now only some of this information is on the website and it is very difficult to sift
through it all to find a contact person for a particular issue
WSO Analysis: The Board is currently working to eliminate the use of personal emails to make the
interaction with the fellowship be more professional. Members of the fellowship have access to Board
members and Committees through the “Contact” tab on the home page of the website, and they can
also ask questions at the end of the monthly Board Teleconferences. Additionally, on those calls Board
members and Committee members report on the areas for which they are responsible, along with posting
that information on the website’s Repository, usually in greater detail. To publish further personal details
would violate the anonymity of these individuals. While that is not an issue for some, it is understandably
an issue for others. Special Workers are also accessible through the “Contact” tab.
2016 ABC Proposal #14
Submitted by Telephone Group (210), Telephone, Sunday 4PM ET
Issue: We propose that… all forms used by WSO to register meetings or change meeting status be
amended to include an area solely devoted to telephone meetings or new forms be adopted solely for the
use of telephone meetings to register meetings and change meeting status
History: The forms used to register meetings and change meeting status were written with face to face
meetings in mind. They are not user friendly for telephone meeting information. And many errors are
happening thus incorrect information is listed on the website under Find A Telephone Meeting.
Argument in favor: There is much confusion by persons using the existing forms and by the persons
at the WSO level reading the existing forms because there is no specific place on the forms to designate
telephone meetings. And errors are made because of this. With a better form for telephone meetings
there will be less errors in WSO interpreting information. And less errors on the website under Find A
Telephone Meeting. With correct information persons looking for a Telephone meeting will not be as
frustrated as they are now when looking for a Telephone Meeting using the website.
WSO Analysis: We acknowledge the limitations of the meeting registration form at the time of this
writing (November 2015). However, this online form will continue to be updated to be as user friendly as
possible as funds are available to be allocated for that purpose.
2016 ABC Proposal #15
Submitted by Telephone Group (210), Telephone, Sunday 4PM ET
Issue: We propose that… So that more groups could participate through the delegate voting system we
propose that delegates may vote on proposals to be brought before the ABC using electronic methods,
either in advance of the ABC or at the time of the ABC, all of which would need to be determined over
time and/or by regular mail in advance of the ABC. There will be no change regarding delegates who
want to travel to ABC meeting to vote.
History: Delegate persons are limited in attending ABC because of physical or financial restrictions
Argument in favor: Allowing delegates to vote in advance of the ABC using electronic methods or
allowing delegates to vote electronically during the ABC meetings and or voting by regular mail makes it
possible to get a broader participation by all groups. Thus making this voting step available to those who
physically and financially cannot travel to ABC locations.
WSO Analysis: Voting at the ABC by electronic means raises issues of authentication and possible abuse
of the ABC voting system. The Proposal seems to want a survey type of coverage which has not been the
purpose of the ABC’s deliberations.
2016 ABC Proposal #16
Submitted by Telephone Group (210), Telephone, Sunday 4PM ET
Issue: We propose that… WSO looks at the literature submitted by the Solutions Group # 210. On approx
June 25, 2015, The Solution Group submitted a document to the literature committee for review. The
document was titled Telephone Conference Meetings. We are re submitting it again thru the proposal
process so to be sure that it has not fallen thru the cracks. We feel that the telephone meetings are a vital
part of the Fellowship and would like WSO to create some literature specific to the telephone meetings.
The document submitted on June 25 to the literature committee provides a starting point for WSO to use
in considering literature specific to telephone meeting. We would like WSO to use it.
History: Very little literature regarding telephone meetings exists.
Argument in favor: Telephone conference line meetings are a vital part of spreading the word to those
who still suffer. Having literature specific to these meetings will help explain to old and new participants
what the phone meetings are all about, how they work and clarify some confusion that now exists.
WSO Analysis: The OPPM provides that the Literature Committee receive and evaluate any literature
offerings before taking them to the Board for approval to present them to the ABC. The item mentioned
in this proposal was submitted to the Literature Committee and is in their queue for consideration as time
and resources allow. Even if this proposal is passed, it will not impact how swiftly the project is worked
on because the ABC cannot act on it out of order with the literature approval policy and procedure.
2016 ABC Proposal #17
Submitted by Telephone Group (210), Telephone, Sunday 4PM ET
Issue: We propose that… that a Telephone Conference Meeting Committee be created, since telephone
conference meetings have issues unique and separate from face to face meetings. The purpose
of the committee is to be a liaison between the board and the telephone meetings intergroup, and
meetings. The responsibility of the committee is to field questions and concerns from the telephone
community,interpreting them, making recommendation to the board and then giving explanations to the
telephone community. Areas to be involved with are: Literature Issues, Autonomy Issues, Anonymity
Issues, Safety Issues, Donation Issues, Clarification on sanctions, delisting and mixed messages.
History: No Telephone Conference Meetings committee exists.
Argument in favor: Telephone meetings have unique issues from face to face meetings. They do not
have a voice in the fellowship. The telephone meetings with some direction could grow into a vital part
of ACA and help spread the word to places which do not have meetings. The persons who attend the
telephone meetings could and are inspired to start face to face meetings in areas where there are none.
Having a committee may provide a place to have a dialogue an a voice. There are persons willing to
become part of the committee.
WSO Analysis: The establishment of committees of the WSO is a serious institutional commitment
of time and resources that should be made by the Board depending on the issues raised and resources
available. The Board currently has an open door policy that allows groups to raise concerns at any time.
WSO has no authority over how groups comport themselves other than requiring that they abide by
the Steps and Traditions if they are to be listed on the WSO Meeting Directory. The Board thinks this
committee would be a duplication of the open door policy already in place and a drain on already limited
2016 ABC Proposal #18
Submitted by Jyvaskyla, Finland (FIN 038), Sunday 6.00 P.M.
Issue: We propose that… the “1 Group, 1 Meeting” -practise should be amended, so that one group –
particularly that of a small membership -could have several meetings going on, even in separate locations.
History: Our group in Jvyaskyla, Finland has followed this practise for several years and found it a
working pattern.
Argument in favor: With this kind of a practise, there are less service positions to fill than if one would
have to appoint e.g. twice the amount of servants each to serve one of the meetings. This would, therefore,
eliminate futile “bureaucracy” of having to appoint too many servants from the members of a small group
such as ours.
WSO Analysis: Groups may register their meetings however their group conscience decides provided
they abide by the Steps and Traditions.
2016 ABC Proposal #19
Submitted by Christchurch, New Zealand (NZE019), Wednesday 7.30pm
Issue: We propose that… ACA/DF accept “The True Parent Call’s” as ACA literature, and make this
available to other ACA members.
History: This was compiled by an adult child dealing with grief, and then shared at a meeting. Because
of the power of this reading, this is now often read in most of the meetings in New Zealand, and has been
requested and shared with members from other countries.
Argument in favor: The True Parent Calls is extracted from the Big Red Book, and echoes what many
adult children feel and understand.
WSO Analysis: The OPPM provides that the Literature Committee receive and evaluate any literature
offerings before taking them to the Board for approval to present them to the ABC. The item mentioned
in this proposal was submitted to the Literature Committee and is in their queue for consideration as time
and resources allow. Even if this proposal is passed, it will not impact how swiftly the project is worked
on because the ABC cannot act on it out of order with the literature approval policy and procedure.
Compilations of existing literature do not require conference approval.
2016 ABC Proposal #20
Submitted by Arlington Heights, Illinois (IG 70), 3rd Saturday 1:00pm
Issue: We propose that… The New Meeting Packet include different alternatives for a Meeting Format.
History: The present suggested format seems inadequate and even awkward. We realize it is an editable
format, but it doesn’t have some of the essential elements many meetings use, including the Traditions
and the reading of the day from the Meditation Book. It also doesn’t include some of the meeting format
sample in the BRB that seem essential, such as the part about Fixing and that ACA is not therapy. Many
meetings also do things in a different order, for instance, announcements come before sharing.
Argument in favor: We realize that this document can’t be all things to all people. We just would like
to give people more choices that come from the experience, strength and hope of established meetings,
rather than have new meetings reinvent the wheel, especially those started by newcomers in new areas.
It’s about providing information they can choose from, not making decisions for groups. We hope to give
each meeting the best start they can.
WSO Analysis: All groups decide their formats and all groups are invited to post their formats in the Best
Practices page of the website for groups to experiment with.
2016 ABC Proposal #21
Submitted by East Lyme, Connecticut (CT095) USA Sunday 10:00
Issue: We propose that… As a fellowship, we ask WSO and our support from it’s commitees to create
downloadable & printable version of literature to be referred to as ACA group guidlines, ACA group
inventory, or ACA group health survey.
History: Taking a periodic group inventory helps to keep your group healthy and growing in the primary
service of the ACA.
Argument in favor: Any tool that reminds us as individuals of Tradition 1 is vital to ACA as a
WSO Analysis: The Good Enough Group booklet was developed to help groups in determining how
effective their groups are. Currently there are no plans to develop another piece of literature on the same
2016 ABC Proposal #22
Submitted by Glen Rock, New Jersey (NJ130), Wednesday, 7:30 pm
Issue: We propose that… ACA WSO adopt “Honey, You’re doin’ just fine.” as an offical ACA slogan to
be included in ACA literature.
History: Members have shared that they’ve come to the meeting because they knew they would hear
what they would not hear anywhere else from anyone, “Honey, you’re doin’ just fine.” The message is
said to ourselves as much as it is said to others. The group slogan has been used as a personal affirmation
by members, effectively bringing peace to otherwise challenging events.
Argument in favor: Both the child within and the adult benefit from hearing this affirmation. It is a
reminder of the truth: that each of us is doing just fine and feelings of inadequacy or that I’m doing it
wrong or my best isn’t good enough is an error in thinking. Providing acceptance, there is no application
where it is not fitting. We would like to share our slogan with all ACAs.
WSO Analysis: The OPPM provides that the Literature Committee receive and evaluate any literature
offerings before taking them to the Board for approval to present them to the ABC. The item mentioned
in this proposal was submitted to the Literature Committee and is in their queue for consideration as time
and resources allow. Even if this proposal is passed, it will not impact how swiftly the project is worked
on because the ABC cannot act on it out of order with the literature approval policy and procedure.
2016 ABC Proposal #23 – submitted 4 times – CA 682; CA 477; CA 1015; CA 1075
Submitted by Palo Alto, California (CA 682), Monday 7:30 Pm
Issue: We propose that… WSO contact Great American Insurance Group and ask about the coverage
CODA obtains from them and see if a similar plan could be developed for ACA.
History: Insurance coverage is often a requirement for obtaining a room.
Argument in favor: Asking costs nothing.
WSO Analysis: The WSO has declined to act on this proposal in the past because it would be impossible
to provide insurance for all the groups world-wide and the issuance of insurance policy would open WSO
to group liability.

Hosting Committee Meets for Inaugural ABC/AWC- World ACA Conference in Delray Beach, Florida!

ABC-kidsThe Hosting Committee met for the inaugural ABC/AWC- World ACA Conference in Delray Beach, Florida. Twenty seven happy, enthusiastic adult children created committees for hosting the event. We are all very excited to be part of this wonderful milestone in Florida ACA history. The 3 days of fun, laughter and recovery will be on April 22-24, 2016.

World ACA Conference

Everyone is invited to participate and do service for the World ACA Conference. We will soon be ready for you to fill out a form for volunteers. You may always voluteer for intergroup by filling out this form You may register for the World ACA Conference soon at conference registration This page is temporarily disabled for an update, so come back another day.

Florida will host World ACA Convention & Annual Business Conference

World ACA Conference

World ACA Conference

Annual Business Conference (ABC)


ACA World Convention (AWC)

The ABC & AWC will be held in Delray, Beach, Florida, April 22-24, 2016. Registration for both events is required by March 11, 2016. Registration and details are here.

“My Life is Changing” ACA Group and Florida State ACA Intergroup and will be working together to provide a safe and nurturing environment for everyone. Keep an eye on this website. We will continue to link you to updates about the ACA World Convention.

If you would like to do service at the convention please register as a volunteer. Please ad your thoughts on what you can do to make this a memorable event. Please use the registration form here.

[cryout-button-color url=”#” color=”##FFFF00″]ABC/WAC Host Committee[/cryout-button-color]



The World Service Organization (WSO) Board of Trustees cordially invites all ACA Groups and Intergroups to select one person to attend the 2016 Annual Business Conference (ABC) as their group ABC delegate. Only the selected group delegate will have voting rights at the ABC. To ensure voting status, group delegates are required to register for the ABC.

The WSO is also hosting the Inaugural ACA World Conference (AWC). AWC attendees are also required to register. In order to allow the WSO to plan and accommodate the ABC delegates and AWC attendees, the WSO Board has set a registration deadline for the ABC and AWC. The registration deadline for both the ABC and AWC is March 11, 2016. The venue will have 34 rooms available. These rooms are being reserved for the ABC delegates through February 15, 2016. ABC Delegates are encouraged to register early, as rooms are limited and will fill up fast. Additional accommodations are available in nearby hotels and motels. Delegates may consider sharing accommodations to save money and to maximize use of the on-site rooms. After February 16, 2016, the rooms will no longer be reserved for Group Delegates. On-site rooms will be available to anyone as of February 16, 2016.

ACA Conference-First Annual Orlando ACA Event

ACA Conference in Orlando

aca conference

Florida State ACA Intergroup

Imagine-waking up with a view of the castle, going to breakfast with your ACA ‘family’, listening to workshops and speakers, and an evening of fellowship and reflection. Then, after a good night’s sleep, you wake up with the same view, and this time you spend the day with Mickey. I am talking about an ACA Conference in Orlando and going to the parks the next day. Could you imagine anything more fun than that?

On February 14 we will be making some important decisions about the possibility of an ACA conference in Orlando. We will decide where and when the conference will be. This can be a fun event. It can also be fun planning it. We will have slots for 3 or 4 workshops. If you have presented a workshop in the past and would like to do so at this event, please come to the meeting or send an email to Email ACA Intergroup

We are looking forward to your presence at the meeting. If you can’t attend on Saturday let us know when you would be available for a ‘conference committee’ meeting. I would suggest 7PM on Friday the 13th.

Please forward the link to this post to anyone who might be interested in planning this event. The more the merrier.

25th Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACA) International Convention

25th Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACA) International Convention
February 27-March 1, 2015
Crowne Plaza Redondo Beach Hotel and Marina
Redondo Beach, California

Were your parents constantly drunk or high when you were growing up? Were you a victim of child abuse or was your mother a victim of domestic violence? Have you ever wondered why you’re always attracted to people whose problems seem to be worse than your own? Do you wish there was a place where you could share your feelings with those who have traveled down the same road? Are you looking for a solution that can help change your life?

Then come to Southern California for the 25th Annual Adult Children of Alcoholics International Convention. At this year’s convention you will have an opportunity to nurture your Inner Child, enhance your recovery program and take the family or just yourself to Disneyland all at the same time. With 450 fellow travelers expected, it will be the largest gathering of adult children in the world.
The theme of the 2015 Convention is “Taking the Action that Heals Us.” Stephanie Brown, Ph.D. one of the original pioneers of the adult child movement is this year’s keynote speaker. Dr. Brown will give two presentations. Her keynote address is titled: “The Adult Child and Today’s Fast Paced Society: How to Stay Sane in an Insane World.” On Sunday she will discuss “Adult Children in Healthy Relationships: Moving from Trauma and Defense to Coping and Cooperation.”

On Friday and Saturday night Howard P. and Mary Lee Z. of Florida will tell their personal stories of recovery based upon their 31 years of involvement in the ACA Fellowship. Friday night’s presentation will be followed by a comedy show and on Saturday there will be a dance.

Herb K., known best for his 12-step and Emotional and Spiritual Sobriety workshops, will facilitate a workshop titled “Spirituality: Where was God when I was Growing Up?”

.In addition to the 4 major presentations, there are ten workshops, six ACA 12-stepeetings, an ice cream social, a mixer and a harbor excursion.

For more information and to register please visit our website after or email

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