Florida ACA Intergroup
January 25, 2014
Noon until 1:00pm – Conference Call Meeting Con

Present: Dennis – Hollywood, Jane – Ft. Myers, Charles – Hollywood, Lisa – Naples, Mark – Pensacola, Michael – Orlando, Roberta – Big Pine Key, Pamela – Miami Beach, Howard – St. Petersburg, and Gail – Key West, John – Al?, David – Miami, Tom – Atlanta South, Casey – Del Ray, and Jim – Boca Raton.

• Dennis called the meeting to order at 12:01pm.
• This was our first meeting so there were no previous minutes to approve.
• This was our first meeting so there were no previous committee reports.
• Dennis requested a “Moment of Silence.”
• Dennis requested we recite “The Lord’s Prayer.”
• Use the { *6 } to turn on/off the mute on your phone during this meeting.

Agenda set by Dennis:
• The first order of business is to establish the “Florida ACA Intergroup.”
• We need to elect a Chairperson, a Secretary, and a Treasurer.
• We need to approve “Bylaws” and an “Operations Manual.”
• We need to set the date and time for the next meeting.
• We will abide by the 1st Tradition: Our common welfare should come first; Personal recovery depends on ACA unity.
• We want to help start new ACA meetings.
• We want to reach out and support already established ACA meetings.
• We want to improve attendance at all ACA meetings.
• GSR duties need to be defined.
• Dennis is volunteering his services to create our Florida ACA Intergroup website.

 Howard made the motion we create a Florida ACA Intergroup.
• 2nd by Pamela
• Approved: John, Howard, Roberta, Charles, Lisa, David, Michael, Mark, and Casey.
• Opposed: None
• Abstained: Jane and Jim
• Motion approved.
• The motion to create a Florida ACA Intergroup is approved.

Dennis said he would act as “Sergeant of Arms” to keep our meeting running smoothly. We can elect a “Sergeant of Arms” at our next meeting when we elect a Chairman, a Secretary, and a Treasurer.

Roberta made the motion to elect Dennis as Chair.
• 2nd by Pamela
• Lisa asked Dennis if he was willing to elected Chair.
• Dennis said yes.
• Approved: David, Howard, Gail, Roberta, Charles, John, Lisa, Michael, and Casey.
• Opposed: None.
• Abstained: Jane.
• Motion approved.
• Dennis accepts the Chair position.

 Gail made the motion to elect Jane as Secretary.
• 2nd by David.
• Approved: David, Howard, Roberta, Mark, Pamela, John, Charles, and Casey.
• Opposed: None
• Abstained: Jane
• Motion approved.
• Jane accepts the Secretary position.

Dennis outlines the duties of the Treasurer.
• Open a bank account.
• Apply for articles of Association.
• Keep immaculate financial records.
• Give a Financial Report every month.
• Requires putting your name on a bank account.

John made the motion to elect Charles as Treasurer.
• 2nd by Gail.
• Approved: Mark, Howard, Roberta, Mark, Pamela, Lisa, Mark, and Casey.
• Opposed: None.
• Abstained: Jane.
• Motion approved.
• Charles accepts the Treasurer position.

Dennis states we need to create an Outreach Committee first.
• Gail asks if we should first contact all Florida ACA groups and ask if they are willing to register with Florida ACA Intergroup. We need to research how other ACA State Intergroup do their outreach. We need to be clear about our objectives first.
• Gail made the motion to table creating an Outreach Committee until the next meeting.
• 2nd by John.
• Approved: Michael, Howard, and John.
• Opposed: Pamela.
• Abstained: Jane.
• Motion approved.
• The creation of our Outreach Committee is tabled until the next meeting.

Other Business:
 Howard announces the 2nd Annual ACA Conference:
• Saturday.
• May 17, 2014.
• St. Petersburg.
• Service opportunities are available.
• Speakers are needed.

 Jane asks where to send the minutes of this meeting. Dennis said to email the minutes to him.

 John reports a Meeting Seminar will be held:
• Saturday.
• March 22, 2014.
• 1:30 – 3:00pm.
• Boca Raton, Lambda South and Las Olas(?) are sponsoring it
• Dennis asked John to send him the information about this meeting seminar.
• John will forward the information to Dennis.

 Dennis will email the agenda to us for our next meeting. We should applaud ourselves for what we accomplished today. Contact Dennis if you have suggestions or questions.

 Dennis asks for a motion to close this meeting.

 Howard made the motion to adjourn the meeting.
• 2nd by John.
• Approved: Unanimously.
• Opposed: None.
• Abstain: None.
• Motion passed.

 Dennis closed the meeting at 12:57pm.

 Respectfully submitted, Jane Manning

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