Florida ACA Intergroup
February 8th, 2014
Noon until 1:00pm – Conference Call Meeting

Present: Dennis – Hollywood, Jane – Ft. Myers, Lissa – Naples, Gail – Key West, John – ?, David – Miami, Keith – ?

Agenda set by Dennis:
• Recording meetings.
• Website committee.
• Outreach committee.
• Fundraising committee.
• Volunteers.

David made the motion we create a Website Committee.
• 2nd by Gail
• Discussion: There are already excellent sites out on the web such as Oregon’s. We don’t need to “re-invent the wheel.” Who will maintain our website? Dennis will ask for volunteers to take care of all matters discussed today.
• Approved: Dennis, David, Gail, John, Keith, and Lissa.
• Opposed: None
• Abstained: Jane
• Motion passed.
• The motion to create a Website Committee is passed. This committee will contact all meetings, clubhouses, and social services.

David made the motion to create a Out Reach Committee
• 2nd by Lissa
• Discussion: Lissa reported Naples AA resistant to recognizing ACA. David also reported problems. He was able to speak at an AA Conference. Churches allow ACA meetings to meet on their premises. John says this is a lot of work for the Fund Raising Committee. Perhaps we need sub-committees. David found AA and Al-Anon fearful of ACA. Attraction, not promotion. Gail reports Key West ACA meetings are losing members. Joe says this all the more reason we need a Florida ACA Intergroup. David reports long time members in Miami Al-Anon are turning to ACA. Al-Anon is more afraid of ACA than AA.
• Approved: David, Gail, Keith, John, and Lissa.
• Opposed: None.
• Abstained: Jane.
• Motion approved.
• The motion to create a Out Reach Committee is passed. The Out Reach Committee will create their mission statement.

Gail made the motion to create a Fund Raising Committee.
• 2nd by David
• Discussion: Lissa asked what the money will be used for. Dennis said cost of website, communication and mailings, can be used for fundraisers, also for specific conferences. The money can be used in an unlimited manner. If we collect money, we need to decide at future meetings what else we want to do. David said we could send money to WSO and we could use the money for out statewide Intergroup. We really don’t need a lot of money. A 3-fold brochure would be perfect to give to doctors, counselors, etc. Gail asks how do AA and Al-Anon get their money? David states Al-Anon has pamphlet about money. Dennis says our Red Book has guidelines on fundraising.
• Approved: David, Gail, Lissa, and John.
• Opposed: Keith
• Abstained: Jane
• The motion to create a Fund Raising Committee is passed.

Dennis asks for volunteers.
• Gail will consider it.
• David will help with outreach.
• Keith will help with website.
• Lissa will help with outreach.
• Gail will help with outreach.
• Jane will help with fund raising and outreach.
• This is the end of the agenda Dennis set for today.

Other Business
• John reports there is a workshop in March on sponsorship. He asks how/what can he do to get this announcement out?
• Dennis states the Website Committee will have to decide how information is submitted to our Website Committee.
• David suggests having a page on our website for upcoming events.

David made the motion for John to send the workshop information to Dennis to send out to ACA groups.
• 2nd by John
• Approved: David, John, Gail, Keith, and Lissa.
• Opposed: None
• Abstained: Jane
• Motion passed.

Motion to close the meeting made by David
• 2nd by Lisa
• Approved: Lissa, David, Keith, John, and Gail.
• Opposed: None
• Abstained: Jane
• Motion passed.
• Serenity Prayer was recited.
• “We expect the best and get it.”
• Dennis closed the meeting at 12:42pm.
• Dennis gave out his phone number.
• Dennis asks for suggestions on how to reach out to other 12-step groups.

Jane apologizes for the late submission of these minutes. She had computer, cell phone, and Internet issues to resolve.

Respectfully submitted, Jane Manning

2 Responses to 02.08.14

  1. Teresa says:

    The latest minutes available here are from last February, have there been monthly meetings since?

    Please consider changing the meeting time. My group would like to have an active rep but Saturdays are out.
    How about Monday or Tuesday early evening, say 7pm?

    Thanks and blessings for continued recovery.

    • child says:

      I would like to have all groups participate in the decision of when to meet. I would be open to this time. I will bring it up at the meeting on Saturday. Personally I would like to give it a try.

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