Florida ACA Intergroup
March 8th, 2014
12:06pm until 1:00pm – Conference Call Meeting

Present: Dennis/ Hollywood, Jane/Ft Myers, Lissa/Naples, Debbie/Orlando, and David/Miami.

Joining the Meeting: Vonnie/our WSO Guest; Lorie/Jenson Beach, and Patricia/St Petersburg.

Agenda set by Dennis for this meeting:
• 12:06pm meeting called to order by Dennis.
• Moment of Silence.
• Serenity Prayer.
• Dennis read the 1st Tradition: “Our common welfare should come first; personal recover depends on ACA unity.”
• Dennis asked Jane to read last month’s minutes.
• Jane read the minutes.
• Lissa corrected Jane in the pronunciation of her name.
• David made the motion to accept the minutes as read.
• Lissa 2nd the motion.
• The minutes were approved as read.
• Dennis stated he has no agenda for this meeting. The committees we need have been formed.

Old Business:
 Dennis asked for any old business that needs to be addressed.
• Dennis reported he has started our Website. It should be ready to launch in a week or two.
• The Outreach Committee did not meet as Dennis had the right time but the wrong date. However, email contact was made with all committee members.
• Dennis reported he had originally called everyone listed as the contacts, but heard back from less than 50% of the contacts. We need to follow up with every meeting’s contact person.
• Therefore, Dennis started an Excel Spreadsheet of all FL ACA meetings and sent it to Jane. Jane will complete our Spreadsheet with meeting information taken from our National ACA Website. She will also verify all meeting and contact information is current.

 New Business
• Dennis asked for any New Business.
• Lissa said she had volunteered to be part of The Outreach Committee, but was never contacted. Dennis will add Lissa to The Outreach Committee immediately. Lissa’s main interest is how to get our ACA message to the people in Naples.
• Jane suggested we create and send out Press Releases announcing each meeting in their respective areas to newspapers and churches.
• Dennis asked for a definition of a Press Release.
• Jane replied it is a one-page announcement about the meeting giving the time and place, the purpose of the meeting, and additional contact information listed at the very bottom.
• David asked we first check with WSO before doing this. We don’t want to do anything, which might cause us problems in the future.

• Lissa signed out at 12:22pm. She will rejoin us in a few minutes.

• Jane volunteered to contact WSO to find out about Press Releases.
• Debbie asked could we also send our meeting information to doctors, churches, and other 12-Step programs.
• David reported churches are very receptive to our ACA message.
• Jane said she would ask about the appropriateness of sending our meeting information to doctors, churches, and other 12-step programs when she contacts WSO about Press Releases.

• Vonnie introduced herself as our WSO representative and is joining our meeting today as a guest. The WSO Committee for Member and Public Services has created a Mission Statement. Vonnie read the Mission Statement. Vonnie suggested we consider using the Member and Public Services Mission Statement as a model for our own Outreach Committee’s Mission Statement.

• Jane asked if it is appropriate to ask Vonnie now for permission to send Press Releases to newspapers, doctors, health organizations, and churches about our ACA meetings.
• Vonnie replied, “Yes, it is appropriate to ask her and yes, sending out Press Releases about our ACA meetings to newspapers, doctors, health organizations, and churches is perfectly appropriate!”

• David suggested we change “The Fundraising Committee” name to “The Finance Committee.” The name “Finance Committee” is an all-inclusive name with fundraising being a part of The Finance Committee’s responsibilities.
• Jane asked for a motion.
• David made the motion to rename “The Fundraising Committee” to “The Finance Committee.”
• Debbie 2nd
• Approved by David and Debbie.
• Opposed: None
• Abstained: Jane and Dennis
• Motion passed.
• Dennis was glad we changed the name because he had heard from another ACA member about the appropriateness of an ACA committee being called “The Fundraising Committee.”

• Jane asks if we can ask our Florida ACA groups upfront for donations to our Intergroup.
• Dennis suggested we first prove the value of the Intergroup before asking for money.
• David said our Intergroup should be a central location for group information.
• David asked if we should do updates monthly or every other month.
• David also reported psychologists are looking for us.
• Vonnie said WSO has started a new program to flood the market institutions and doctors with ACA literature. WSO will send 3 red books and 3 sets of threefold flyers package to the addresses we provide them.
• Dennis asks if we could purchase a mailing list and send it to WSO.
• Vonnie said this is a question to ask WSO.
• Debbie asked for the upcoming Sponsorship workshop information.
• Dennis says he will resend the email to all.
• Debbie asked if there was a South Florida ACA Intergroup.
• Dennis replied the group does meet anymore. However, this group is all inclusive of our Florida ACA Intergroup.
• Debbie stated if the group doesn’t meet anymore, than the website should be taken down.
• Vonnie asked if the meetings and times listed were wrong.
• Dennis stated he had been part of the original group. The business refused to change to any times and dates. He will contact the last person he knows of to see if they will agreeable to take to down.
• Jane asked if we will eventually run into the same problem.
• Dennis said no, he is making a lifetime commitment to administrate our website. Dennis will make training tutorials and email them to all FL ACA groups and they can update their own meeting information.
• Lori stated the Jensen Beach group is struggling and needs to be supported.
• Dennis suggested Lori register the Jensen Beach meeting with WSO and with the FL ACA Intergroup websites. Also, Lori is welcome to join our Outreach committee and we all can help support the Jensen Beach meeting.
• Patricia reminded all the 2nd Regional FL ACA Conference is coming up. Last year 100+ people attended. She asks how we can get this information out to the other meetings.
• Dennis stated the number one priority is to get our website up before this May 17th conference.
• Howard asked if Dennis had the information and Dennis said yes he did.
• Debbie asked if the sponsorship workshop could be recorded and later posted on our FL ACA Intergroup website.
• Dennis said he would look into it, but for now a great way to get a sponsor is at a phone meeting.
• Vonnie stated WSO also has a phone conference every 2nd Saturday.

 Motion to close the meeting made by Lissa.
• 2nd by Debbie
• Approved: Lissa, Debbie, and Jane.
• Opposed: None
• Abstained: Dennis
• Motion passed.
• Serenity Prayer was recited.
• Dennis closed the meeting at 1:00pm by saying, “With our Higher Power’s help we will expect the best and get it.”

 Respectfully submitted,
Jane Manning

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