Florida ACA Intergroup
May 12th, 2014
12:05pm until 12:54pm – Conference Call Meeting

Present: Dennis/ Hollywood, Howard/St Petersburg, Lissa/Naples, John/?, David/Miami, and Jane/Ft Myers.

Agenda set by Dennis for this meeting:
• 12:05pm meeting called to order by Dennis.
• Moment of Silence.
• Serenity Prayer was recited.
• Dennis asked Jane to read last month’s minutes.
• Jane reads last month’s minutes.
• ? made the motion to accept the minutes as read.
• 2nd by John.
• Minutes were approved as read.

Old Business:
 Dennis said we need to post our meeting minutes on our Florida ACA website.
• ? made a motion to post the minutes on our Florida ACA Website.
• 2nd by John.
• Yeas: Howard, David, John, and Lissa.
• Opposed: None.
• Abstentions: Dennis and Jane.
• Motion passed.

 Dennis said we still need a Treasurer.
• Jane asked for a job description.
• Dennis said the treasurer will take care of all our banking and PayPal transactions, keep impeccable records, and help establish Florida ACA. Intergroup as a non-profit.
• Jane will research what it will take to make our Intergroup a 501(c) non-profit organization and report back next month.

 Website Committee Report.
• Dennis reported our website is up and running.
• The address is: www.flstateintergroup.org.
• Dennis asks for questions and/or comments.
• David said, “Good job.”
• Lissa said, “It looks great.”
• Jane said, “The graphics of meeting locations look good.”
• John suggested we add a spreadsheet to our website for those who don’t know how to use the use the graphics and find a meeting.
• Dennis said it was Jane who put the spreadsheet together for us.
• John reported there is a new meeting in Jensen Beach (?). 20 participants were there at the meeting.
• David asked, “Could we put a link on our website to WSO?”
• Dennis replied, “Yes.”
• David asked, “Could we put a link on our website going straight to literature?”
• Dennis replied, “Yes, that is possible.”
• David said “The Problem,” “The Laundry List”, and “The Solution” all need to be prominent on our website.
• Dennis replied, “I am o.k. with these suggestions for improving our Florida ACA website.”
• David said, “It’s easy to make a donation on our website.”
• Dennis said, “Groups can now make donations to Florida ACA Intergroup. The Hollywood ACA group has already made a donation.”
• David reported his group has money set aside, but hasn’t sent it in yet.
• David made the motion to accept the website committee report.
• 2nd by Howard.
• Yeas: Howard, David, and Lissa,
• Opposed:
• Abstentions: Jane
• Website Committee Report accepted.

 Outreach Committee Report
• David stated he is on this committee, but has nothing to report.
• Dennis said he would send out a new email asking for volunteers and a meeting time.
• David asks if we can get a letter from WSO to send to therapists.
• Dennis replied he would follow up on this.
• David asks for our contact information and he will get a letter with the adultchildren.org/contact information on it. That way all contact inquiries will go directly to Vonnie in the WSO Office.

 Finance Committee Report
• Dennis will put our website address and logo on our business cards.
• Dennis will email a jpeg of our business card to all Florida ACA Intergroup members to review.
• Dennis asks for a motion to approve $30 for cards and $50 for printing costs.
• Howard changed the motion to $100 for cards and printing.
• 2nd by Lissa.
• Yeas: Howard, David, John, and Lissa.
• Opposed: None.
• Abstained: Jane.
• Motion passed.

 Old Business
• Dennis asked if there is any old business.
• No old business is reported.

 New Business
• Dennis asked if there is any new business.
• Dennis said he would follow up with Vonnie before our next meeting.
• Dennis will ask Vonnie if WSO will purchase/has purchased a contact list for professionals only in our area.
• Howard announced the upcoming “2nd Annual Regional Conference in St Petersburg.”
• Howard dropped out of the conference call at 12:48pm.

 Motion to adjourn the meeting made by David.
• 2nd by Lissa.
• Yeas: Lissa, David, and John.
• Opposed: None.
• Abstained: Jane.
• Motion passed.
• Serenity Prayer was recited.
• Dennis closed the meeting the 12th step promise saying, “With our Higher Power’s help we will learn to expect the best and get it.”
• Meeting was adjourned at 12:54pm.

 Our next regularly scheduled meeting:
• Saturday.
• June 14th, 2014.
• 12 pm EST.
• Conference Phone Line: 530-881-1212.
• Meeting ID: 312-401-849.

 Respectfully submitted,
Jane Manning

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