Florida ACA Intergroup
July 14th, 2014
12:06pm until 1:00pm Conference Call Meeting

Present: Dennis/Hollywood, Howard/St Petersburg, Lissa/Naples, Andy/Jacksonville, Charles/Hollywood, Mary Jane/Ft Lauderdale, Carolyn/Vero Beach, Ron/Del Ray Beach, and Jane/Ft Myers. We had a guest with us today. David from the Arizona ACA Intergroup was also on today’s conference call.

Meeting called to order by Dennis at 12:06pm:
• Moment of Silence followed by The Serenity Prayer.
• “Thy will, not mine be done.”
• Dennis asked Jane to read the June 2014 minutes.
• Jane read the June 2014 minutes.
• Lissa made the motion to accept the minutes as read.
• 2nd by Charles.
• Minutes were approved as read.

Non-profit Status Report from Jane:
• First apply for an EIN (Employer Identification Number) even though we have no plans to hire employees. The IRS requires every business and non-profit have it.
• Second we need to do a formal name search and make sure “Florida ACA Intergroup” isn’t already taken
• Mary Jane is willing to help.
• Charles is willing to help.
• Dennis said we can create an ad-hoc committee to work on this and when done the ad-hoc committee can just disband.

Outreach Committee Report from Dennis
• Dennis contacted several meetings to see if they are still meeting and if their contact information is correct. Dennis left a message when needed.
• Lissa called and spoke with all the people on her list except for Andy and Kay. Andy is with us on our call today. Lissa reports our website has accurate contact information.
• Jane asked how the meetings are.
• Lissa said some are great, some have folded, and others are just hanging in there.
• How do we get the word out about our meetings besides WSO and our website? Many local newspapers will cooperate and publish meeting information. Someone is needed to contact the newspapers.
• Minor discussion of Key West, Lake Worth, Jensen Beach meetings.
• Mary Jane suggested having an ACA meeting either before or after an Al-Anon meeting.
• David reported Arizona Intergroup puts flyers up in stores and ads in local newspapers. Las Vegas also lists their meetings in “meet up” online groups. Also, they have built their own emailing list by collecting group leader names, GSR names, ACA members at-large. They also send out “email blasts” for events.
• Carolyn reports she travels one hour to the Vero Beach meeting as there is no meeting in Melbourne. She asks if she can start a meeting in Melbourne with only 6 months in the ACA program.
• David from Arizona suggested Carolyn contact doctors or therapists and ask to have a meeting there in the professionals’ office.
• Lissa asks if it’s ok for us to be contacting professionals about our meeting.
• Dennis reported his therapist’s website lists meetings for free. Not all therapists know about ACA. Meeting in a therapist’s office can make for a very successful group.
• David reported Arizona uses as many as possible free community information websites to list their ACA meetings.
• Dennis has created his own tri-fold about ACA, but it doesn’t list specific meetings.
• The issue of “attraction rather than promotion’ was raised.
• David suggested we put a link back to our website on every email we send out just like Arizona does.
• Mary Jane takes issue with us contacting therapists. It doesn’t sit well with our ACA traditions.
• Carolyn reported she found ACA by being in treatment. Her therapist recommended trying ACA. Carolyn believes it is important for us to contact therapists. “I never would have found it on my own.”
• David said therapists in Arizona thought ACA had disappeared. It is most important we get the word to therapists, counselors, doctors about ACA.
• Dennis concluded the discussion by saying, “We need to move on this. I invite everyone to research our Big Red Book and find what it says about “attraction versus promotion.”

Closing of our Meeting
• Motion to adjourn the meeting made by Charles.
• 2nd by Jane.
• Motion passed.
• Serenity Prayer was recited.
• “With our Higher Power’s help we will learn to expect the best & get it.”
• Meeting was adjourned at 1:00pm.

Our next regularly scheduled meeting:
• Saturday, August 9th, 2014 @ 12noon.
• Conference Phone Line: 530-881-1212.
• Meeting ID: 312-401-849.
• Respectfully submitted,
• Jane Manning.

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