Florida ACA Intergroup
August 9th, 2014
12:06pm until 12:59pm Conference Call Meeting

Present: Dennis/Ft Lauderdale, Lissa/Naples, Andy/Jacksonville, Charles/Hollywood, Brice/ Sarasota, Neil/Miami, Sheila/Key Largo, Charla/Orlando, Emerson/Ft Lauderdale, and Jane/Ft Myers.

Meeting called to order by Dennis at 12:06pm:
• Moment of Silence followed by The Serenity Prayer.
• “Thy will, not mine be done.”
• Tradition 1 “Our common welfare should come first; personal recovery depends on ACA unity.”
• Dennis asked Jane to read the July 2014 minutes.
• Jane read the July 2014 minutes.
• Charla pointed out the July meeting date was wrong. The minutes read July 14th, 2014. It needs to be corrected to July 12th, 2014.
• Jane corrected the minutes.
• Lissa made the motion to accept the minutes as corrected.
• 2nd by Charles.
• Minutes were approved as corrected.

Report from Jane on Information Flyers:
• Jane used the database Dennis sent her of 9600 therapists in the state of Florida. She couldn’t import the database into an Excel spreadsheet, so she did it by first searching by city of Ft Myers, and then cut/paste the therapists’ contact information into the Excel spreadsheet. She averaged one minute per name.
• The sample flyer Jane emailed to everybody was designed for the Ft Myers/Naples area. The front page of the flyer can be modified for each area wanting to use this flyer to spread the word about ACA.
• Charles suggested we put enough information in the flyers for people to find us. These flyers can be placed in promotional booths and supplied to therapists, doctors, churches, etc.
• Neil asked have we defined the difference between promoting ourselves vs attraction. Aren’t we promoting ourselves by listing personal contact information?
• Dennis responded with “No.” Look at pages 542-547 about “Tradition 11 Insight” and pages 613 & 614 in out Big Red Book.
• Charles asks about the paragraph on page 613 reading “attraction… flyers… speakers…”
• Dennis asked Charles to apply the word “attraction” rather than promotion to disseminate our program in the community.
• Neil suggests to define “attraction” as the 2nd paragraph from the bottom of page 613 in our BRB does, “Carry the message… attraction rather promotion.”
• Neil said trying to attract people by meeting in a therapist’s office breaks our anonymity and that is a different issue.
• Dennis agrees, “Yes, it is a different issue.”
• Charles continues reading, “… not limited to supply… ask to leave information…”
• Neil agrees “Yes, we can drop off our information, but not have meetings in a therapist’s office.”
• Dennis said we need more discussion.
• Lissa makes the motion to proceed with Tradition 11 definition. We may contact people on our therapist list as informational not promotional.
• Dennis calls for a vote.
• Yeas: Lissa, Charles, Neil, Brice, Shelia, and Andy.
• Abstentions: Charla, Dennis, and Jane.
• Motion passed.
• Lissa asks, “So, this (flyer) is informational not promotion?”
• Dennis said, “Yes. We’re here to help and will help you start a meeting. The BRB writings talk about personal anonymity and don’t break the ‘I’m Dennis and I go to ACA” vs our program’s anonymity.

Outreach Committee Report
• Charla reported she gave our intergroup information to the groups in Orlando.
• Neil said he received Jane’s email and now he’s here.
• Sheila said the emails worked. Two new people got involved.

Old Business
• Brice reported his area is hosting a Regional Conference and asks if anyone is interested. He leaves our meeting at 12:40pm for another commitment.
• Dennis said we will put the Regional Conference on next month’s agenda.
• ?? suggested just have a flyer with just The Laundry List and a list of meetings.
• Dennis responded with, “We don’t have to decide right now on how to contact therapists. Right now we have a short term of action plan. There is no reason not to use both flyers and emails to contact therapists.
• Dennis asked Jane to write up a proposal on how to handle the database using flyers and he will write up a proposal on how to handle the database using the therapists’ email.
• Dennis said it is imperative we have a written policy in place because one group is withholding money because we don’t have a written policy. We need a majority consensus.
• Charles likes the idea of using the database email rather than snail-mail as it gets thrown away.
• Dennis will send email to our general membership which is in keeping with our tradition guidelines on this issue.
• Charles asked that Dennis include our BRB page numbers in his email.
• Dennis responded with, “Yes, this is an excellent idea.”

New Business
• Dennis asks if the 2nd Tuesday of the month at noon to hold our intergroup meetings is a better time. Perhaps we could get more people involved.
• Dennis asked people to email him with other dates and times to have our Intergroup meeting
• Neil asked has anyone reached out to WSO for guidance on outreach.
• Dennis said, “Yes, Vonnie (a WSO Officer) has approved of our outreach efforts. WSO has already sent out 400 BRB to therapists.
• Charles responds with anyone can email WSO by using info@WSO.org.
• Dennis reports the WSO website is listed on our Florida ACA website.
• Dennis said our goal is to find a way to reach the most people. The ACA Hollywood group is withholding money based on the last two intergroup meetings.
• The suggested donation to Intergroup is a 60/40 split. Both Hollywood and Naples have donated money to our Intergroup.
• ? reads the 11th Tradition.
• Charles as his meeting’s intergroup representative may change their minds about donating to our intergroup.
• Dennis is going to the “Simple but Not Easy” group on Saturday night. He plans to read last month’s intergroup business minutes there.
• Dennis also reported there is a BRB Kindle version for only $10.

Closing of our Meeting
• Motion to adjourn the meeting made by Charles.
• 2nd by Lissa.
• Motion passed.
• Serenity Prayer was recited.
• “With our Higher Power’s help we will learn to expect the best & get it.”
• Meeting was adjourned at 12:59pm.

Our next regularly scheduled meeting:
• Saturday, September 13th, 2014 @ 12noon.
• Conference Phone Line: 530-881-1212.
• Meeting ID: 312-401-849.
• Respectfully submitted,
• Jane Manning.

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