Florida State ACA Intergroup
October 11th, 2014
12:06pm until 1:00pm Conference Call Meeting

Present: Dennis/Ft Lauderdale, Lissa/Naples, Patricia/Largo, Allen/Orlando, Andy/Jacksonville, and Jane/Ft Myers.
Meeting called to order by Dennis at 12:06pm:

Moment of Meditation followed by The Serenity Prayer.

  • Tradition 1 “Our common welfare should come first; personal recovery depends on ACA unity.
  • Dennis asked Jane to read the September 2014 minutes.
  • Jane read the September 2014 minutes.
  • The following corrections were made:
  1. Next meeting should read October not September.
  2. The St. Petersburg Conference was over. Orlando was talking about having a one day conference. Jane got the two mixed up.
  3. Lissa asked if there was a script for the therapists. Dennis said no. It is an open ended conversation with therapists.
  4. There is no billboard in Ft Lauderdale.

Allen makes the motion to accept the minutes as corrected.
2nd by Patricia.
Ayes: Lissa, Andy, Allen, and Patricia.
Nays: None
Abstained: Dennis and Jane.
The September 2014 Minutes were accepted as corrected.

Old Business: Serenity Prayer

  • Allen asked, “What’s the difference between the Serenity Prayers.” Dennis recites the Traditional Serenity Prayer. Patricia recites the ACA Serenity Prayer.
  • Patricia responded with ACA Serenity Prayer is centered on changing oneself instead of changing someone else. We use the ACA Serenity Prayer to begin and end the Largo meetings. She assumed all FL meetings did.
  • Allen asked what is the origin of ACA Serenity Prayer.
  • Patricia said it is in the ACA New Comers Booklet.
  • Dennis reported Tony A. wrote the ACA Serenity Prayer and the ACA Twelve Steps. The Traditional Serenity Prayer is in our Red Book.
  • Lissa asked which Serenity Prayer do other FL ACA groups use.
  • Both Andy and Jane’s groups use Tony A’s Serenity Prayer.
  • Allen’s group uses the Traditional Serenity Prayer.
  • Dennis has been in groups where the Traditional Serenity Prayer and the ACA Serenity Prayer are used.
  • Dennis asked, “so, which Serenity Prayer will we use at Intergroup meetings.”
  • Patricia and Jane prefer Tony A’s Serenity Prayer, but whatever the group decides is ok.
  • Allen said it doesn’t matter.
  • Dennis prefers the Traditional Serenity Prayer as it is used at all 12-step fellowships and is in our Red Book. Dennis shared when he did his 3rd step he wanted to use a more informal 3rd step prayer he had written. The sponsor, however, said when we are together we will use the more formal 3rd step prayer. When you are alone, you can use your own informal 3rd step prayer.
  • Dennis asked for a motion.
  • Lissa made the motion Florida State ACA Intergroup use the Traditional Serenity Prayer.
  • There was no 2nd.
  • Dennis said we could table this discussion for now.
  • Dennis asked if there was another motion.
  • Andy made the motion we closed our Florida State ACA Intergroup meetings with the Serenity Prayer as written by Tony A.
  • 2nd by Patricia

Ayes: Andy, Patricia, and Allen.
Nays: None
Abstained: Lissa, Dennis, and Jane.
Motion carried.

Andy said we should call it the ACA Serenity Prayer instead of Tony A’s Serenity Prayer.
Dennis asked if there was any more Old Business. There was none.

New Business: Bank Account

  • Dennis had opened a bank account with Bank of America, but they started charging $29.95 per month service charge. Dennis got it reversed. BOA had charged a monthly service fee the month before too. Dennis is fighting to get the 2nd monthly service charge returned. Instead he opened a free business account at Iberia Bank.
  • Dennis got the required EIN number for our Florida State ACA Intergroup.
  • Dennis spent $50 to register our intergroup name with Sun Biz.
  • Dennis reported the balance in our account is $150.78. People can write
  • Jane asked if we need to get a PO Box.
  • Dennis said no, we don’t need another expense. People can mail the checks to me but makes the checks payable to Florida State ACA Intergroup. We don’t have a treasurer yet. The treasurer can decide to have the checks send to his house.
  • Jane asked if we list a mailing address for checks on our website.
  • Dennis said we need to decide that. The PayPal link is on our website.
  • Andy said as long as there is a link on our as to where to make donations we should be ok.
  • Dennis is looking for other free options for people to make donations.
  • Andy would like to see a donation page on our website.
  • Dennis will design a donation page and let the group look at it next month.
  • Andy thanked Dennis for all his work.
  • Dennis asked if there were any more comments on banking. There were none.
  • New Business: Emails to Therapists
  • Dennis reported he has sent out 1,000+ emails to therapists so far. He has had a variety of responses. Dennis is keeping a list of those who wish to be removed. He wants to focus on the positive responses in case we want to send another email. The standard answer from the therapists is, “Please send more information.” The email he sends out always says please visit our website and contact us if you have questions.
  • Jane asked how many emails need to be sent out.
  • Dennis reported 8,000 more to go, but he needs to be careful and only sends out 400 per day. We won’t get shut out of our account.
  • Allen asked what is the purpose of the emails.
  • Dennis said we are sending emails to let therapists know who we are. There are two links in the email going back to our website. Hopefully therapists will refer their patients to our meetings in their areas.
  • Allen asked if we anticipate emailing the therapists on a regular basis.
  • Dennis said there is also a link in the response email for those wanting more information. He does answers any questions the therapists ask. We are not promoting ourselves.
  • Lissa thanked Dennis for all his work.
  • Dennis has designed a pamphlet and we can use it for our FL State ACA Intergroup. We can send to therapists wanting more information. WSO will send a Red Book to any therapists interested in starting a meeting. This pamphlet can also be used to give to newcomers.
  • Lissa asked if this pamphlet is instead of the Newcomers Booklet.
  • Dennis said the purpose of this pamphlet is in lieu of having to purchase the Newcomers Booklets and paying for shipping. WSO is ok with us creating our own pamphlet.
  • New Business: Picnic
  • We tabled the Florida State ACA Picnic until our next meeting.

Closing of our Meeting
Motion to close the meeting made by Lissa.
2nd by Allen.
Dennis asked if anyone was opposed to closing the meeting.

Ayes: Several
Nays: None.
Abstained: Dennis and Jane
Motion passed.
ACA Serenity Prayer was recited.
The 12th Promise: “Gradually, with our Higher Power’s help, we will learn to expect the best and get it.”
Meeting was adjourned at 1:00pm.

Our next regularly scheduled meeting:
Saturday, December 13th, 2014 @ 12noon.
Conference Phone Line: 530-881-1212.
Meeting ID: 312-401-849.
Respectfully submitted,
Jane Manning.

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