Florida State ACA Intergroup
November 8th, 2014
12:05pm until 1:00pm Conference Call Meeting

Present: Dennis/Ft Lauderdale, Lissa/Naples, Mike/St Augustine, Allen/Orlando, and Jane/Ft Myers.

Meeting called to order by Dennis at 12:05pm:

Moment of Meditation followed by The Serenity Prayer.

  • Tradition 1 “Our common welfare should come first; personal recovery depends on ACA unity.”
  • Dennis asked Jane to read the November 2014 minutes.
  • Jane read the October 2014 minutes.
  • Dennis made the correction, “he negotiated with the bank.”
  • Allen makes the motion to accept the minutes as corrected.
  • 2nd by Mike.

Ayes: Lissa, Mike, and Allen.
Nays: None
Abstained: Dennis and Jane.
The October 2014 Minutes were accepted as corrected.

Old Business: None

New Business: Bank Account

  • Dennis has sent out 4,000 emails to therapists giving them information about ACA. He has a list of 10-12 names of therapists interested in meetings. One therapist wants a panel to educate other therapists about ACA.
  • Dennis was unable to email out his agenda for today’s meeting because Google+ stopped him from sending out anymore emails.
  • Dennis reported Howard P. is proposing an ACA conference in Orlando this spring.
  • Allen asked, “What needs to be done to make this happen?”
  • Dennis stated:
  • Howard will need help with the venue.
  • We need to plan what type of conference do we want?
  • Who will we get as a keynote speaker?
  • Dennis will be hearing a speaker next week and ask her if she would speak if we hold a conference this spring.
  • An agenda needs to be set.
  • Volunteers will be needed.
  • Allen asked, “What do the Orlando groups need?”
  • Dennis answered, “We need to plan it and announce it.”
  • Allen asked, “One day or two day conference?”
  • Dennis reported the Miami Conference goes from Wednesday to Sunday.
  • Allen recommended we be aware of Spring Break because prices go up. He recommends we hold our conference in February or March. Where else can we hold our conference beside the parks?
  • Jane suggested we hold our conference at the Life Enrichment Center near Leesburg.
  • Allen said it is about 50 minutes from downtown Orlando and easy to get to via the turnpike. He said he would brainstorm with Charla for other places to hold our conference.
  • Dennis asks for a motion to set up a research committee.
  • Jane asked. “Do we need a motion or can we just set up a work group?”
  • Dennis thinks this could be the beginnings of an International ACA Event. We can discuss it more next month.
  • Dennis reported Michael/Maitland sent in a $200 donation.
  • Dennis reported he got $30 back from Bank of America.
  • Allen asked Dennis for an update on the emails he is sending out.
  • Dennis reported over 4,000 sent out. There are many failed deliveries. He is building a list of therapists interested in our ACA program.
  • Jane asked, “Have we identified one or two areas yet?”
  • Dennis stated he wanted to do all 9,000+ names first.
  • Jane said, “We also need some sort of a spreadsheet on our Florida website besides the map identifying where meetings are being held. We should only list meetings registered with WSO.”
  • Dennis agreed. He said we need a form on our website so new meetings can be listed on our website. Allen thanked Dennis for all he does.
  • Jane will look into sending out weekly emails.
  • Mike left the meeting at 12:50pm.

Closing of our Meeting

Motion to close the meeting made by Lissa.
2nd by Allen.
Ayes: Lissa and Allen
Nays: None.
Abstained: Dennis and Jane
Motion passed.
ACA Serenity Prayer was recited.
The 12th Promise: “Gradually, with our Higher Power’s help, we will learn to expect the best and get it.”
Meeting was adjourned at 1:00pm.

Our next regularly scheduled meeting:

Saturday, December 8th, 2015 @ 12noon.
Conference Phone Line: 530-881-1212.
Meeting ID: 312-401-849.
Respectfully submitted,
Jane Manning

2 Responses to 11.08.14

  1. I am a singer/songwriter and have lots an ACA related act that I would be thrilled to preform.
    I also wrote skits and songs for an Alanon Convention in Prescott AZ, which met with great success.
    I’d be happy to brainstorm about what I call edutainment with anyone interested. And would be glad to volunteer to head a committee as such.
    Please let me know.

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