Florida ACA Intergroup minutes
November 14, 2015

The meeting came to order 10:08. Dennis R, Fort Lauderdale is chairperson. He read the first tradition and welcomed the group.

In attendance:

Lissa R, Naples, assistant secretary
Sharon, Orlando
Kerry, Orlando
Emerson: Fort Lauderdale
Kitty: Hollywood

No minutes form lat month are available. Lissa will check on conference call site to obtain minutes (NOTE: Could not access recordings of previous meetings.)

Dennis gave a treasurer’s report in Ron’s absence. He discussed the process of making Intergroup a non-profit. The first step is establishing “articles of incorporation.”

Kitty asked the difference between profit and non-profit. In a non-profit, the organization does not pay taxes, and the officers are not responsible for organizational debt.

Kerry moved that we apply for articles of incorporation to set up a non-profit.
Kitty seconded. The motion carried unanimously.

A discussion ensued, asking the approximate balance of the treasury. Dennis said we have about $1000. Kitty requested a more specific breakdown of treasury expenditures. Dennis said that he could provide this to Hollywood ACA.

Kitty moved we approve Dennis’s report of the treasury. Kerry seconded. All approved.

No old business was presented.

New Business: The ongoing maintenance of the mailing and meeting lists was brought up. After brief discussion, this issue was tabled. Lissa will reach out to Jane about continuing as secretary.

Announcement: the WSO/ABC Conference Steering Committee will hold first official meeting Sunday, November 22, at 1:30, on the site of the conference in Del Ray Beach. Dennis briefly reviewed that the conference will be held April 22-24, 2016 at the Duncan Conference Center. Business meeting Friday and early Saturday, with workshops and speakers Saturday midday on.

Kerry mentioned that Bill from the Steering Committee brought flyers for the conference, entitled “Children in the Sun.” Emerson mentioned that volunteers will be very important for conference and that we need a volunteer list.

Kristen from Orlando joined us during this discussion.

Kitty asked about how much it will cost to file for non-profit status. Dennis said it would be around $100. She also asked to be sent the minutes of the meeting.

Kitty asked that we put on next month’s agenda the possibility of changing the Intergroup address to a PO box. There will be a monthly expense involved. Tabled until next month with treasurer’s attendance. Emerson mentioned looking for a cheaper mailbox.

Kerry moved to close the meeting. Sharon seconded. All were in favor.

Respectfully submitted, Lissa L. Richardson, Naples

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