Minutes Florida Intergroup ACA
Saturday, December 12, 2015

Chairperson Dennis R brought the meeting to order at 10:07 with the ACA version of the serenity prayer.
In attendance:
Dennis, Fort Lauderdale, chair
Lissa, Naples, recording secretary
Nancy, Lake Worth
Kerry, Orlando
Jay, Palm Beach Gardens
Emerson, Fort Lauderdale
Kristen, Orlando
Jim, Delray Beach
Kitty, Hollywood
Lucia, Hollywood

Dennis read the minutes from November’s meeting.
Kerry moved and Kitty seconded the motion to approve the minutes.
Discussion: What was meant by midday in reference to the Saturday of the conference in April? Dennis replied that the schedule is not yet fully set, so we are using approximate terms.
The motion was carried unanimously.

Dennis also gave the treasurer’s report. Points discussed were:
Need to establish an official board for the intergroup at next meeting; this needs to be several officers to sign documents as part of our ongoing process of becoming a non-profit organization.
Nancy questioned the need for stablishing a non-profit organization, as it requires considerable effort and paperwork, and questions its necessity for the small amount of money in the treasury.
Dennis wanted to wait until Ron, the treasurer, would be part of the discussion, as Dennis did not have answers for all the questions. He stated that most large 12-step organizations file for non-profit status. Dennis said that we could consult with Ron and make a list of pros and cons for the non-profit status. He said he will put it on the agenda to reconsider in January. Points to remember are that Ron has reasons for wanting to do this, others have already supported this decision in previous meetings, that some groups might withhold donations because we are not a non-profit. Kitty said that maybe we are overcomplicating the discussion; Lucia said that you don’t need a 5013C for a bank account; Kerry said that we might have made a different decision if we had had this additional information earlier.
We agreed that no motion would be made and this issue would be revisited with Ron’s input next month. Meanwhile, anyone with input was invited to make a list of bullet points and send them to Dennis for consideration at the next meeting.
There was a brief discussion raised by Kitty about the account name and number of the intergroup account. Dennis said that the bank statement is available.
Old business:
Emerson said that he found a PO box in Fort Lauderdale for $66 for a year if Intergroup wants a postal box.
Emerson moved that we obtain a post box in the 32309 zip code for $66. Lucia seconded.
Jay abstained and the rest of those in attendance voted aye.

New business:
Dennis brought up that Intergroup has the opportunity to buy ACA books at a 30% discount from the WSO. He wanted a vote on whether we wanted to order books and what percent of the savings would be appropriate to charge those purchasing the books.
Discussion centered on: the quantity needed to order to get the 30% discount, whether the Intergroup should pass along all of the savings or use the sale of books as a fund raising device, how groups outside of the Fort Lauderdale area would benefit from books delivered to Fort Lauderdale, who would be in charge of receiving and distributing the books. Ron had joined the call by now, and he mentioned that it was a good opportunity to call attention to intergroup.
Jim moved that we order books, make them available, and pass on whatever savings to the groups and purchasers. Lucia seconded.
More of similar discussion points were raised, and whether books could be shipped to other areas, who would pay costs, and who would be responsible for the shipping. Drop shipments were proposed but Dennis thought that the WSO would only ship to Intergroup, not to other groups in Florida. Dennis suggested we try it once and see how it worked out. Lucia asked if Intergroup votes on the number of books and the expense. Ron said we could look into it and the logistics before proceeding. He suggested we need a literature chair to do the book ordering and logistics.
Jim’s motion was called and Jay abstained and all others were in favor.

World Conference coming up in April: Dennis requested a motion to print cards with the Intergroup website address and conference call phone number and access code. Kristen moved and Kerry seconded.

Jay aksed for the reason for the cards. Dennis said we would give them out at the conference. He said we can get around 500 cards for $10.
Jay abstainedndl all others voted in favor.

Dennis brought up the need for a co-chair and another secretary for correspondence and other duties. He also mentioned an assistant treasurer. He requested that we have elections in January.

Jim asked what other positions were needed. He also suggested a literature committee or chair.
Dennis said that he would like a literature committee and a conference liaison committee.
Jim moved that we form a literature committee as soon as possible. Kerry seconded. Jim mentioned that this position seemed urgent because of the book orders coming . Kerry asked if Jim would head up the committee and Jim agreed.
Jay abstained and all others were in favor.
Dennis asked for a motion for a conference liaison committee but no one forwarded a motion.
Dennis asked Ron to make notes addressing the necessity of the non-profit status as discussed earlier on the call when Ron was not there. Ron said he would email Dennis with information.

The meeting closed with the WE version of the serenity prayer at 11:13.

Respectfully submitted, Lissa R, recording secretary

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