Florida State ACA Intergroup—minutes for April 11, 2015

Submitted by Lissa R, Naples group, assistant secretary

Meeting opened with a moment of silence followed by the Serenity prayer. The first tradition was cited, and the recording announced.

Role call:

Dennis, Intergroup chair, Fort Lauderdale
Kerry, Orlando
Lissa, Naples
Emerson, Fort Lauderdale
Ron, Long Beach Gardens
Bonnie, Kansas, from WSO, listening in
Jane, Fort Myers

Old business:

Minutes: Jane will prepare past due minutes; minutes were tabled until next month

1. Updates on conference information, sites
Dennis will get potential properties and costs in the Orlando area for next month.

Discussion points:

Lissa: Will the theme parks be part of the conference? For travel and economic reasons some may not prefer to go to parks in addition to conference.
Dennis: want to plan conference when the parks are open, but attendance will be day after the actual conference and optional for all; want to be as inclusive as possible
Emerson: driving up and back in same day is an option.

2. Dennis asked if anyone would serve as co-chair, treasurer or assistant secretary.
Lissa volunteered to work with Jane as assistant secretary and said she would take this month’s minutes.
Emerson moved that we accept Lissa as assistant secretary
Kerry seconded
No discussion. All in favor: unanimous: Aye

3. Jane discussed the Excel sheet and meetings for listing on our website.
C One concern was how up-to-date listings were on the WSO, thinking when some meetings stop gathering, no one contacts the WSO to let them know. Jane said that she uses only those meetings on the WSO site, not those only registered through Florida intergroup. Dennis wanted to know why she had made that choice, and Jane said she was not comfortable with meetings that were not officially registered on the WSO . Dennis said that we can all work together to help meetings stay current on our lists, and to reach out and ask meetings that are not on one list or the other to register.

4. Dennis proposed an Intergroup meeting for April 22, a Wednesday, and inviting every group to send an intergroup representative, attempting to include groups whose representatives cannot or do not make Saturday noon meetings. Dennis will send an email personally inviting all the contact people at 7 PM.
Lissa moved that Dennis host a 7 PM meeting on April 22, having contacted all group contacts from WSO and Florida intergroup.
Kerry seconded
Discussion: Some in opur current group could not make a Wednesday night, any day or evening will have some problems, the point is to increase numbers who can attend, reps do not have to attend both Saturday and evening meetings as long as they are represented at one meeting or the other. The point is to increase participation. Jane asked if this would be a one-time only meeting to assess interest. Jane asked if groups could send another representative, and Dennis said that everyone would be welcome, but only elected/official Intergroup reps would be able to vote on any issues.

The motion was recalled.

Further discussion included the methods of contact, including text and email, with Dennis saying we should try to match method with recipient’s preferred modes of contact. Jane did not know her text reminders were effective because she did not get feedback on them. Dennis said that his intention is always to contact representatives 2-3 days ahead of the meeting and again on the meeting morning, and that he would like to try supplementing these reminders with a text.

The motion was called for Dennis send an invitation via email and text to all group representatives inviting them to a meeting April 22 at 7.
4 representatives voted aye, a unanimous vote

New Business:

Dennis suggested tabling the new business of forming committees for the round-up/conference until we have more members.

Lissa asked if the conference would be in the winter/spring season for more attendance of seasonal visitors. Discussion ensued as to pros and cons. Dennis said we could decide next month in a group conscience.

Emerson asked if he could distribute the phone number and PIN for our Intergroup meeting to others in his group who might like to attend. Dennis said all are welcome but that only official representatives can vote.

Lissa asked if there were any other volunteers for co-chair or treasurer.

Ron said he would be willing to do the treasury after answering some questions.
Lissa moved we accept Ron as treasurer
Kerry seconded

Discussion: Currently Dennis is doing both treasury and chair and is feeling overwhelmed. Ron said that he will do research on bank, filling out forms, etc. Dennis wanted to know if Ron could maintain the checking account and apply for non-profit status. Ron said he had some background with treasury maintenance and asked how much traffic the account received, to which Dennis answered a small number, maintenance of the website $30 and a few donations. Said we are accumulating funds mainly to put on the conference. Dennis will go to bank (Iberia) to find out how to transfer to Ron. Kat from Hollywood came on the call at this point and asked that officers send a report because some members in her group want to know where the money goes and are looking for balance in and out. Further discussed that all expense requests be sent to the treasurer. Dennis said that after conference, we will see what we need. Our next expense might be printing intergroup pamphlet and sending 10 copies to each group in Florida. Kat asked for some phone contacts and was given Jane’s number and directed to website for Dennis’s number.

The motion was called, and Ron was elected treasurer unanimously, 4 votes aye, no nay, no abstentions.

Dennis thanked Ron for stepping up.

Lissa requested recording information and Dennis and Jane both said they would forward it.

Dennis made a motion to adjourn.

Bonnie, the WSO representative, made four points before the adjournment:

1. Comline is now on the WSO website and will appear four times a year.
2. The Resources link on the WSO web page has about 80 links with information.
3. The “Find a Meeting” section is evolving: there is now a way to list all the meeitngs in a particular state.
4. Support for Intergroups from the WSO can be found at intergroups@adultchildren.org

This was Bonnie’s last meeting with us after a 24-month service. Dennis thanked her and asked about the WSO monthly meeting. Bonnie said it was Saturdays at 2 EST at 712 432-0075, PIN 427-266#
Meeting adjourned at 1:02.

Respectfully submitted,

Lissa L. Richardson, assistant Secretary

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