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February 14th, 2015

Noon until 1:00pm Conference Call Meeting


Present: Dennis/Ft Lauderdale, Allan/Orlando, Lewis/Ft Lauderdale, Emerson/Ft Lauderdale and Jane/Ft Myers.


Meeting called to order by Dennis at 12:06pm:

  • Moment of Meditation followed by The Serenity Prayer.
  • Tradition 1 “Our common welfare should come first; personal recovery depends on ACA unity.”
  • Dennis asked Jane to read the January 2015 minutes.
    • Jane reported she can find her notes from the January 2015 meeting. They are not in her regular notebook.
  • Dennis said he forgot to start the recording.
  • Jane will continue looking for her January notes.
  • There was no December 2014 meeting. Only Lissa from Naples was on the conference call.


Old Business:

  • Dennis said we still don’t have a treasurer. If someone would like to do service work, we need a treasurer.
  • Dennis reported our Florida ACA website has been up for a year. It will cost $80 annual fee. He will submit a bill for the domain name and hosting costs.
  • Lewis asked if that would cover the cost of maintaining our website.
  • Dennis said yes.
  • Motion passed for Dennis to pay the bill to renew our domain name.
  • Dennis reported the bank returned $30 to him. He put it into our ACA account. The current balance is $817.29

New Business:

  • Jane reported the new Wednesday afternoon meeting at the Dry Palms Foundation in North Fort Myers is averaging 5 to 7 people. They are asking for a Friday afternoon meeting. Jane will ask if anyone in the group would like to start the Friday meeting. She will report back next month.
  • Jane also reported there are 2 new meetings in Punta Gorda.
  • Dennis asked that these new meeting be registered on our WSO website and our Intergroup website.
  • Dennis would like another board member. One to be our correspondence secretary, that is Jane, and a new secretary to contact 10 different groups every month. There are errors on our WSO website that need to be corrected.
  • Allan asks if Dennis needs help with the website and contacting other meetings.
  • Dennis said yes this would be a new position on the board.
  • Lewis said he could help but he’s new to ACA. He wants to talk with his official G.R. and ask
  • Allan said he could help with the emails too.
  • Dennis said I’m saying this in the most loving way: there were issues on how and what was discussed. Certain questions are ok to ask. Other questions are not ok to ask. We are trusted servants and want to avoid causing problems.
  • Allen asked what should we say when we contact the other groups?
  • Dennis said the main thing is to verify the meeting information is correct. Is the contact person listed still the same? What can our Intergroup do for you?
  • Lewis said we need to give them our vision for ACA here in Florida.
  • Dennis asked for a progress report on the Orlando Conference.
  • Allan reported Tracy got it and passed it on. 2 Disney theme parks and 1 from Maldora[?]. Tracy is looking towards theme parks rather than campgrounds.
  • Dennis asked if we can have the conference on the Disney property.
  • Lewis said we shouldn’t have it at Disney World as it might be a distraction.
  • Jane said she can’t go as it would be too expensive.
  • Dennis agrees maybe we can have a conference at Disney in the future.
  • Lewis said has visited the Life Enrichment Center.
  • Dennis will start a spreadsheet to keep track of all this. He said the Miami Roundup held every spring is a well-oiled machine with workshops and featured speakers.  Dennis envisions Saturday morning with 2 workshops and a featured speaker, lunch, more workshops in the afternoon, and an evening meeting. Then on Sunday we can all go to the Parks. He knows a lady, Dorothy from Orman Beach who can be our speaker.
  • Allen said they used the Big Red Book format, but Dorothy had other ideas. Other people got the meeting back on track. She is an interesting woman but not a keynote speaker.
  • Emerson likes the idea of the one day, Saturday, conference.
  • Dennis said Orlando is a central location to have our Florida ACA Conference…


Closing of our Meeting

  • Loud music was playing over the phones. Dennis could not find where it was coming from to turn it off.
  • Jane was disconnected and recorded our meeting as being adjourned at 12:50pm.


Our next regularly scheduled meeting:

  • Saturday, March 14th, 2015 @ 12noon.
  • Conference Phone Line: 530-881-1212.
  • Meeting ID: 312-401-849.
  • Respectfully submitted,
  • Jane Manning.

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